A Unique Style of Teaching for Your Unique Child

As parents, teachers, educators, and friends we see that each child is so unique.  He/she has his/her own personality, favorite food, and color of hair.  Not to mention that each child has his/her own unique learning style along with strengths and weaknesses.  Why would we take unique children and force them into the same education box?  Why would we take them and offer the exact same tutoring service to every one of them? The heartbeat of Wright Academics is to offer quality tutoring, uniquely designed to each individual.

Wright Academics helps students and young adults realize their academic goals by providing tutors/mentors who create an irresistible learning environment.  Leadership works together with parents, tutors, school personnel and other professionals to ensure that each students is receiving the best targeted and individualized instruction and support.  We offer these services at our office in Towson, in homes, and at schools.  Unlike many other tutoring companies, Wright Academics does NOT employ a cookie cutter approach.  We individualize each student’s plan towards improvement.  Evelyn Wright meets with each student one-on-one to not only do an educational evaluation, but to get to know the student.  She matches students and tutors based on experience and needs, as well as on the student’s personality, to enable the student to be as successful as possible.

Wright Academics uniquely combines qualified, trained tutors with a relational hands-on atmosphere and activity.  We genuinely believe we have the best tutors in the Baltimore area.  Our tutors include former teachers, current teachers, mathematicians, college adjuncts, and small business owners. Our tutors are not only knowledgeable, but they have the ability to connect with students from different backgrounds.

Each tutor has been trained and equipped to help students with executive functioning skills.  Executive function coaching is one of our specialties.  We know that many students know the information, but have a hard time organizing what they know or managing their time to show what they actually understand.  Tutors help students to plan out their daily assignments and long term projects, and find ways for students to remind themselves to do the necessary tasks.  Tutors help them break down assignments into manageable pieces so that the students do not feel overwhelmed.

We specialize in helping students with all kinds of learning differences.  One of our main services is helping students and adults who struggle with ADHD and anxiety.  We also serve students with Dyslexia, Dsygraphia and Dyscalculia.  We successfully use the Orton-Gillingham one-on-one approach with our students who have Dyslexia.

Along with these unique specialized areas, we offer Academic Tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, College Application Essay Coaching, Adult Coaching, and Speech-Language Evaluation and Intervention.

Our goal is to see students succeed in their current circumstances, as well as in their future.  Let’s take unique children and create the type of service they need to thrive in their education and in our world.

We would love to connect and hear about your unique child.  Please contact Evelyn at 410-218-2104 or [email protected].  You can find more information at www.wrightacademics.com.  Don’t forget to ask about our summer specials!

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