99 Days of Summer!


This week is going to be a rainy one. Here are a few ideas to keep your kids (and you, when you are on kid duty) from getting bored.

July 22: Pick a book set, series or story collection and make time to read a story, chapter or fable every night. It’s an enjoyable way to teach your children patience, anticipation and character and plot development.

July 23: Take your kids grocery shopping and pick a fruit or vegetable that you or your child have never tried. Be adventurous!

July 24: Plan a short road trip. Visit a friend, a neighboring town or a museum or landmark.

July 25: Teach your child a craft of their choosing – beading, knitting, origami, scrapbooking or collage-making.

July 26: Throw a dance party. Have your kids help make a playlist and dance like no one is watching.

July 27: Play cat’s cradle. Check out YouTube for various tutorials.

July 28: Make lemonade from scratch.

Activities for July 15 to 21


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