99 Days of Summer!


There are 99 days of summer and 99 opportunities to do something fun. Here are a few ideas for this week.

July 15: Turn off your alarm clock the night before and allow everyone to sleep in. Have an unscheduled day and just go with the flow.

July 16: The next time it rains, run outside and let everyone splash in puddles.

July 17: Visit story time at your local library or bookstore.

July 18: Plan a date with each of your children, alone. Go for a walk, get a treat or read a special book together. One-on-one time is invaluable.

July 19: Say “yes” today whenever possible. Kids want to run errands while wearing pajamas? They want cereal for dinner? They want to skip a bath tonight? Give yourself a pass!

July 20: Visit earthsky.org and make plans to meteor-watch. August 11th‘s new moon means a darkened sky, making meteor-viewing easier.

July 21: Paint a new piece of pottery, such as a mug or cereal bowl.

Activities for July 8 to 14



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