99 Days of Summer!


OK, the dog days of summer are here. But we have some fun ideas to help you get through this hot spell and keep summer enjoyable.

July 8: Pack a picnic and eat outside — or inside on a blanket in front of a fan.

July 9: Create a “make your own taco” bar for dinner. Even the finickiest of eaters often like plain rice, tortillas with cheese, or simple nachos. Provide plenty of cut veggies, toppings and various textures (soft tacos, crispy tortilla chips) and let the kids create their own meal.

July 10: Remember Shrinky Dinks? The dollar section of large retailers like Target and Michael’s often sell inexpensive starter kids, and bulk sheet packs can be ordered online. This type of craft is appealing to kids of all ages. Pick a rainy day, put some Shrinky Dink plastic sheets, scissors, a hole punch and some colored pencils on the kitchen table and invite the kids to sit, craft and shrink.

July 11: Plan a trip to the zoo.

July 12: Help your kids create a book. Younger kids who need help with dictating or writing can use the help of an older friend or sibling, and often enjoy creating illustrations to accompany their story. You’ll enjoy the process and will have a memento afterwards.

July 13: Take a nap with your kids.

July 14: Rice crispy treats are a great recipe to make with children. The recipe uses only a few ingredients, kids can make the entire recipe from start to finish with minimal help from a grown-up helper (hot butter needs a supervisor!), and most kids are thrilled with any recipe that uses marshmallows.

Activities for July 1 to 7


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