99 Days of Summer!


What? How is it July already? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with lots of fun things to do for each and every one of this summer’s 99 days. Here are a few ideas for this week.

July 1: Make a meal for a friend in need and have your kids help deliver the finished product.

July 2: Make a playground date with friends. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and sunscreen!

July 3: Go bowling. (visit kidsbowlfree.com for participating bowling alleys who offer free summer bowling programs for children.)

July 4: Watch some fireworks!

July 5: Go for a bike ride. Don’t forget your helmet!

July 6: Bake cookies together and take time to eat them with a glass of milk. Show your kids how to dunk.

July 7: Let your kids pick the meal for the evening, even if it’s a silly or crazy meal. Muffins for dinner? Ice cream sundaes? They’ll be delighted to be in charge.

Activities for June 24 to 30


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