99 Days of Summer!


There are 99 days of summer and 99 opportunities to do something fun. Here are a few ideas for this week.

June 3: Plant a pizza garden, complete with herbs you’d like to use for homemade pizzas, such as basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, chives and grape tomatoes.

June 4: Play a board game! Cooperative play games such as Outfoxed! (by Gamewright), The Secret Door (by Family Pastimes) or games by Peaceable Kingdom (such as Race to the Treasure or Friends and Neighbors) foster teamwork and cooperation as players work towards a collective goal.

June 5: National Veggie Burger Day is today, which is the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill and enjoy a cookout with your little ones. For those who keep kosher, veggie burgers are the ideal burger because once slathered with cheese and toppings, these babies taste like the real deal and allow you to eat ice cream afterwards! For parents of picky eaters who don’t like veggies, these burgers allow sneaky chefs to incorporate a variety of veggies into their kids’ dinner. #winning

June 6: Enjoy National Drive-In Movie Day by visiting driveinmovie.com for a list of active drive-in theaters, or plan a trip out to Bengie’s (bengies.com), Maryland’s only active drive-in theater, located in Middle River. Can’t make it out to the drive-in? Create your own experience at home. Toss a comfy blanket and some pillows on your living room floor, pop a giant bowl of popcorn, grab some snacks and drinks and gather your favorite friends to enjoy a movie night. Turn the lights out and give everyone a flashlight.

June 7: Not that you need an excuse for it, but today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. You can grab a pint at your grocery store or venture out to one of Baltimore’s many ice cream shops, such as The Charmery, Broom’s Bloom Dairy, Hoffman’s Home Made Ice Cream and Deli or Prigel Creamery. Feel free to cast your vote for one of these at Baltimore’s Child’s Reader’s Choice. All in the name of research, of course!

June 8: Grab a bucket, fill it with warm, sudsy water and gather a few sponges or wash clothes and wash your car, scooter or bike!

June 9: Make your own pizza! Trader Joe’s and Walmart sell inexpensive, premade pizza dough. Set out shredded cheese, sauce and toppings, give a hunk of dough to each kid and let them create their own pizza. Dinner is served and everyone gets the kind of pizza they like.

Activities from May 28 to June 2


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