99 Days of Summer


This is it, the last hurrah! For many, this is the last week of summer vacation. Others are already back at school. Either way, here are a few suggestions to make the most of these long days. Enjoy yourself and cheers to a great summer!

Aug. 26: Dog Appreciation Day is August 26. Honor your favorite four-legged companion with an extra walk or two, affection and a fresh bowl of water.

Aug. 27: Invite your friends for a Sleep Under – the sleepover but without the overnight stay. Let your littlest kids plan the evening activities, since this will most likely be their first experience. Set aside a fun dinner, a few board games, special snacks, perhaps a movie or read-aloud books, and of course, your favorite jammies.

Aug. 28: Devote an afternoon to purge outgrown clothes, shoes and toys, and let your kids help to fold and bag the items for donation. Talk about how a community helps one another and how their outgrown or unwanted items will be warmly welcomed by others who can use them.

Aug. 29: Set aside a day at the pool for total relaxation. Leave electronic games at home, pack a lunch and bring a deck of cards or coloring books and crayons.

Aug. 30: Invite a few of your children’s friends and host a kid-friendly version of “Chopped, Jr.” This could be as simple as baking brownies from a mix, creating a new salad, having a pasta dinner with various sauces or creating an elaborate meal.

Sept. 1: Participate in the Kindness Rocks Project (thekindnessrocksproject.com) by painting rocks, adding kind words and messages and leaving them around town for others to find.

Sept. 2: Practice yoga and encourage young yogis and yoginis to breathe and relax when they feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

Sept. 3: Labor Day is the celebration of working women and men. Give yourself a pat on the back for planning, organizing and enjoying a fun, happy summer with the little people in your life!

Activities for Aug. 19-25


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