99 Days of Summer


How is it already mid-August? We’re as shocked as you. Here are some activities to help you enjoy the waning days of summer

Aug. 12: Have a backyard bonfire and roast marshmallows. Invite friends!

Aug. 13: Don’t toss out your stale bread. Find a pond and go feed the ducks.

Aug. 14: Make muffins and share them to a new neighbor.

Aug. 15: Plan an outing to a museum you’ve never visited.

Aug. 16: Learn to finger knit. Visit YouTube for easy tutorials and instructions.

Aug. 17: Pick up a Passport to Family Wellness at your local Wegman’s (wegmans.com) and see how many hikes, canoe trips, adventures and trail markers you can acquire.

Aug. 18: Invite a group of friends and have an epic water balloon fight.

Activities for Aug. 5-11


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