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Editor’s Picks: 8 Things for Back-to-School Season

Here are 8 things for this year’s back-to-school season. There’s not a notebook in the bunch; instead there are some items that take into account this most unusual year as well as some fun products to make you smile.

8 things for back to school season “Baby Yoda” is coming to breakfast! A new cereal inspired by the Disney+ series, “The Mandalorian,” features sweetened corn puffs mixed with green marshmallow pieces shaped like the Child. But hurry: we have a feeling cereal boxes will be flying off shelves faster than Mando’s speeder bike. $6 for two bags; Sam’s Club


8 things for back to school seasonApple-picking season is almost upon us, and these comfy slip-ons, a collaboration between TOMS and Once Upon A Farm, are a stylish way to celebrate everyone’s favorite fall fruit. They’re available in kid sizes, too, so you can coordinate with your little ones when you hit the orchard. $25-$60;

Check out these toys from local shops.

Yes, these colorful mismatched socks from Pals Socks—Strawberry & Banana, Dragon & Unicorn, Zombie & Werewolf and more—are totally adorable. But what we really love is their positive message about diversity and inclusion: Life’s more fun when we’re all different! Ages 6 months to adult. $10-$13;

8 things for back to school season

8 things for back to school seasonMany hand sanitizers have a not-so-pleasant antiseptic smell to them—but not Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray. In fact, they offer four fragrance combinations that smell downright delish. Pop one in your purse or your child’s backpack for easy on-the-go cleansing. $18 for six;


Girls Can! Crate is a novel way to introduce your daughters (and sons!) to the women who’ve made the world a better place. Delivered monthly, each box includes a variety of activities that highlight the work of female role models like Clara Barton, Madam CJ Walker, Ida B. Wells and others. For each box purchased, the company donates crates to families in need and nonprofits working to empower girls. $19-$28;

8 things for back to school season

8 things for back to school seasonSure, you can keep sand in jars as a way to remember your family’s beach vacation—or you create a wearable time capsule of your travels. Send samples you’ve collected to Dune Jewelry or explore their extensive Sandbank to find sand and natural elements from over 4,000 locations around the world, including Ocean City and Virginia Beach. Prices vary;


8 things for back to school seasonJust when you thought you finally escaped the doo doo doos, Baby Shark is back to help your preschooler practice proper brushing techniques. BriteBrush’s new smart toothbrush plays the Pinkfong hit and features a treasure hunt game to make brushing something your kids actually look forward to doing. We apologize in advance for the ear worm. $20;

8 things for back to school season




There’s a lot to remember to pack when you’re heading outdoors these days. Make life easier by leaving a container of Wondercide’s Insect Repellant Wipes in your car. The DEET-free wipes, available in four fresh scents, repel 98-100 percent of mosquitos, and they’re biodegradable to boot. $10 for 30 wipes;


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