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Cold Weather Crafts for Kids

When it’s too cold to head outside, let your kids enjoy the wonders of winter inside with some fun and easy winter-inspired crafts.

Sugar Cube Igloo


Cold Weather Crafts for Kids


• Sugar Cubes (one box = one igloo)

• Cardboard

• White Glue

• White Paint

Step 1: Cover your cardboard with white paint. (If you’re feeling extra crafty, use Puffy Paint.)

Step 1 Igloo.png

Step 2: Pour your sugar cubes into a dish for easy access.

Step 2 Igloo.png

Step 3: Draw out the shape of your igloo. You can use a plate or upside-down cup to make a circle. Don’t forget a doorway.

Step 3 Igloo.png

Step 4: Put down a layer of glue along your igloo shape and begin to build your igloo.

Step 4 Igloo.png

Step 5: When you start your second layer, build a little bit inwards so that eventually your igloo will come together.

Step 5 Igloo.png

Step 6: Continue to build up and in, being careful. If you can stagger the cubes a bit, it will be somewhat sturdier.

Step 6 Igloo.png

Step 7: Let your layers dry overnight, using glue bottles and other household tools as props.

Step 7 Igloo.png

Once dry, you can add to the Arctic scene by filling up the cardboard area with little props and figurines.

Glitter Snow Globe


Cold Weather Crafts for Kids


• One-pint Mason jar

• Animal figurine

• Waterproof super glue or epoxy

• Glitter flakes

• Water

• Glycerin

Step 1: Gather your materials, and choose an animal figurine or any plastic toy to display in your glitter globe.

Step 1 Globe.jpeg

Step 2: Use super glue, epoxy or any other waterproof adhesive to attach the animal figurine to the bottom of the Mason jar lid. Ensure that the animal is centered or positioned to fit inside the jar. Allow to dry, referring to glue instructions.

Step 2 Globe.jpeg

Step 3: Fill jar almost completely with water, keeping in mind that the figurine’s head should be covered when inserted. Once filled, add a few drops of glycerin and as much glitter as you like.

Step 3 Globe.jpeg

Step 4: Use waterproof glue to secure the top of the jar to the inner lip of the lid’s metal ring, then allow to dry. Once dry, squeeze a thin line of waterproof glue onto the lid’s inner edge, and tightly screw it onto the jar. Allow to dry before turning over and shaking.

Step 4 Globe.jpeg

Snow Paint


Snow Paint Final.jpg


• School glue

• Shaving cream

• A container for mixing

• Paintbrushes

• Construction paper

Step 1: Begin by making your snow paint. Mix one part school glue with two parts shaving cream. Use a glass jar (or a mixing bowl) to mix the ingredients.

Step 1 Snow Paint.jpg

Step 2: Once the paint is mixed, spoon some into a smaller bowl, if that makes it more accessible for your little ones.

Step 2 Snow Paint.jpg

Step 3: Dip paintbrushes into the mixture and paint on dark construction paper. The paint will dry fluffy and spongy, giving it the perfect snow texture.

Cold Weather Crafts for Kids

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