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Meet Our Bloggers!

Here at Baltimore’s Child, we have seven parenting bloggers and my hope is that reading a post from one of them is like reading a letter from an old friend.

Lisa Robinson

Indeed, Lisa Robinson is an old friend to many of us. As an award-winning journalist for WBAL-TV, she has been telling us what we need to know for years. The mom to a teen and a young adult, she’ll be the first to share that you never really retire from motherhood. In the magazine, she is our Last But Not Least columnist and you can find her blog, It’s a Mutha Out There, on our site.

April D. Flores, right

April D. Flores, aka This Mama, is a Texas native, nanny and proud Charm City dweller. She and her wife and their son live on a street with 16 other preschoolers and her posts reflect the cheerful and frenetic pace of life in a block of little ones.

Surprisingly, two of our bloggers were interviewed and quoted in Baltimore’s Child stories before they started writing for us. It doesn’t usually happen that way! But we liked what they had to say so much that we asked them to blog—and luckily both readily agreed. Tuere Ganges is a 12th grade English teacher in Baltimore City who first spoke to us about summer reading and offered some advice on how to keep kids excited about books. Turns out she has two teenagers of her own and a lot to say. She is posting at The Mom-Diggity, the title of which shows off her sense of humor and spirit. Michon Zysman pens our MOMents blog, but first spoke to us about the impossibility of finding a common time for a family vacation. No wonder, as this mom of a teen, tween and a five-year-old is in the trenches of, well, everything. She is an avid knitter and an optimist—and her posts will have you nodding your head in agreement.

Daniel Leaderman

We are also excited to have two dad bloggers. Parenting is not just for moms, after all. Dominic McNicholas is Britain-born Irishman who has lived in the U.S. since 2000 and is the father of an 11-year-old son. His day job is teaching English to many of Baltimore County’s newly arrived students and his parenting adventures are shared regularly in Assignment: Fatherhood. Our second dad blogger, Daniel Leaderman, is a former journalist who writes Dad Reckoning. He has a young daughter and brings to parenting the inquisitive nature of a reporter.

Jessica Gregg

Finally, I write for Teen Years, a blog that came with the job of managing editor. What a joy for me! I have two teens at home and plenty of adventures in parenting to share. Many years ago, I began blogging on my own as a way to record and remember the moments that seemed to go by oh-so-fast. The writing was for me—I was my own target audience—but soon others were commenting and sharing. From that, I learned something important about writing: If reading gives us a glimpse into other worlds, blogging is a way to let readers know that you are right there, experiencing this very world with them. Which is something we all need to hear after a trip to Target with a tantrum-prone two-year-old. Or when we are MVA-bound with that 15-year-old ready to get his learner’s permit.

We are on the journey with you, all seven of us. I hope you enjoy reading our words.


About Jessica Gregg

Jessica Gregg is the editor of Baltimore's Child. She is a happy rowhouse dweller and mother of two.

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