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Hooray for Moms!

Welcome to the May issue of Baltimore’s Child and, to all the moms out there, happy Mother’s Day!

I absolutely love Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed? Sure thing. A special spa treatment? You bet. Dinner somewhere special, or just prepared by someone else for a change? Of course. Ever since that unforgettable October evening 16-plus years ago when I became a mother, I have relished feeling like a queen for a day, once a year. I suppose the feeling is closer to that of Cinderella than a queen since, just as she returns to rags at the stroke of midnight, mothers receive a sudden reality check the day after that special once-a-year tribute, as the daily grind of motherhood returns in full force.

Yes, motherhood is a lot of work. But too many of us make it harder than it should be. An article in this month’s issue urges moms to go easy on themselves. The job is hard enough without a lot of judgment—whether self-inflicted or from other mothers.

Speaking of a mother’s workload, party planning often falls on moms. And while it can be loads of fun, it too often turns into a major source of stress. That’s why, in this issue, freelance writer Courtney McGee writes Solutions to Seven Common Party Pitfalls. In our Money Matters Department, we let you know how you can plan a great bash for your kids—even on a tight budget.

If you haven’t been on our website lately, make a point to click on We’ve beefed up our contest section so that it includes three cool contests every month that highlight kids, their creativity and family pets. Our roster of five parent bloggers opines on every stage of parenthood, from those with toddlers to empty nesters. And we routinely update our editorial coverage, keeping you informed about what’s happening in and around Baltimore for families. In May, we’ll debut a special new section, Time Out, that’s just for parents. Whether you’re looking for a good read or a tip for renovating a room in your house, you’ll find it here.

Thanks for reading. BC

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