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Summer Love: How to Handle your Kid’s First Crush

If your kids are going to camp this summer, there’s a good chance they’ll experience their first crush. What should you say and do if that happens? How should you handle this new and unfamiliar situation? Here’s what the experts suggest: Take their feelings seriously The first and most basic …

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Decoding Your Child’s Love Language

Every child is unique and special in their own way. Just like adults, children also have their own love languages, which are the different ways they perceive and express love. Understanding your child’s love language can help you foster a strong and loving bond with them. Decoding your child’s love …

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Have a Bright Idea? Apply This Week for a Changemaker Grant

Kids with big ideas and bright minds can try their hands at making the world a better place with United Way of Central Maryland’s Changemaker Challenge. This challenge makes social innovation a competition and serves to highlight and award ideas that address local, community challenges. The challenge will award more …

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14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Although VaLentine’s Day may often be thought of as a holiday for adults, what could be sweeter than Valentine’s Day with your kids? Many kids exchange valentines at school, but you can make your child’s Valentine’s Day at home super sweet, too. Here are 14 ideas to put you in …

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The Importance of Affection

Young smiling couple enjoying in their love while having cup of coffee at home.

Valentine’s Day is here, and many couples—yes, even parents—have plans for the big day. But the affection you show your partner also plays an important role in the lives of your children. “It’s important for children to realize and see that their parents are showing affection because it’s a modeling …

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