November 2014

In our November issue, our in-house parenting guru—Family Matters columnist Molly Brown Koch—reviews the latest parenting book from Dr. Murray Kappelman, a longtime Baltimore pediatrician and former head of behavioral and developmental pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The book, “Taking Charge of Your Child,” focuses on discipline. Molly offers some critiques of Kappelman's approach—and the doctor responds. Read their opposing viewpoints, and consider which discipline style works for you.

In his Game On! column, Patrick Gutierrez takes a look at sports injuries, now the second-leading cause of children's visits to the emergency room in the United States, trailing only automobile accidents. Be your child's biggest fan, and keep him or her safe.

And if it's an early learning program that you're looking for—whether a preschool or child care center—you've hit the jackpot this month. Our Early Childhood Education Directory is a great place to start your search. Also, be sure to read Sandy Alexander's accompanying Educational Exchange column, “A Primer on Picking a Preschool.”

All this, and more, in our November issue. Pick up a copy when you’re out and about, or simply click on the cover at left to read it online. Have a great month!

Billionaire Babies

Win Prizes

Got a kid who's an entrepreneur with great ideas and business savvy beyond his or her years? Billionaire Babies is an international organization that's designed to empower children of all ages to realize their potential. Your child's great idea for a business could bring prize money and recognition. Read more about The Next Great American Billionaire Babies Contest.

Spotlight on Education 2014-2015

Baltimore's Child invited area schools, preschools and arts programs to tell us about their unique programs, philosophies and methodology. Click here to find a great educational experience for your child.

Shopping for the Holidays?

You'll probably spend a lot of money for toys this holiday season. Here's how to make sure you get toys that the kids will love and enjoy those gifts for months (or years!) after they've been unwrapped. Read more!


Product Reviews and New Stuff

We get all kinds of stuff sent to Baltimore’s Child, stuff for children, stuff for parents, stuff for parents to use with their children, stuff to watch, stuff to read, stuff we thought we would never get the picture. We’ll share our impressions and be adding new items to “Stuff” just about every week. New - lil' Fairy. Take a look!

A Special Edition 2014-2015

Available Now!

Click to Read A Special Edition 2014-2015 online

A Special Edition 2014-15 is a compilation of articles and resources for parents in the Baltimore metro area who are raising children with special needs. Coordinated and produced by Baltimore's Child, this year's A Special Edition includes articles covering topics of general interest, from getting a diagnosis, to being a successful advocate in IEP team meetings, to finding support among peers, to managing stress. It also provides detailed listings of resources including recreation and fun programs, camps, schools, and local support groups, along with information relating to specific disabilities.

In addition, Baltimore's Child invited local services and organizations that work with children with special needs and their families to participate in a special advertising opportunity allowing them to tell their stories in their own words in A Special Edition. We’ve noted A Special Advertising Section at the top of each of those pages. The services provided by these programs and practitioners act as a directory in and of themselves.

We hope you find the information in A Special Edition 2014-15 helpful. Please direct feedback and comments to

CLICK HERE to READ A Special Edition 2014-2015 online

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Are You A Well-Behaved Parent?

Take These 7 Steps Towards Becoming a Better Mom or Dad

OK, we all have our moments. Parenting is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no one is always perfect. But are you a well-behaved parent, in general? Click here to read 7 Steps to Becoming a Well-Behaved Parent.


Babies Learn Words Differently As They Age

How do babies learn to talk? A University of Missouri study finds out. Click to read.

Is Buying Organic Worth It?

Your grocery bill is probably already taking a big bite out of your budget but should you be spending even more money to buy organic food? Local pediatrician Tina Kumra, M.D., from Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Wyman Park weighs in. Click to read.

The Dirty Secret about Allergies

Put down that dust cloth, call off the food police and read this article to help protect your child from developing allergies.

Tips for Disciplining Preschoolers

Are you spoiling your young child? Are you being too hard on him? Finding the sweet spot between being too harsh and too permissive is one of the trickiest tasks parents face. Here are some suggestions to help.

OK to Play Violent Video Games?

Is it OK for kids to play violent video games? Ask five friends their opinion and you'll likely get five different answers. See what the University of Texas Health Science Center discovered when they studied the kids who played games daily. Click here.

10 Tips to Prevent Cyberbullying

This list was designed for teens but if your child is old enough to sit independently at a computer, you should be discussing these points to help keep him or her secure and free from cyberbullies. Click to read.

Here Comes the Flu!

A Flu Vaccine for Your Child?

It wasn’t too long ago that flu shots were given only to the elderly and to patients with compromised immune systems. That’s changed. Is it time to get a flu vaccine for your child? Check here.

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