April 2016

One of the worst case scenarios for any young athlete is being sidelined by injury—an increasingly likely scenario in recent years with more students than ever playing sports. In this month’s issue of Baltimore’s Child, we take a look at how to ensure students are participating in sports in a healthy way in our cover feature, “With More Sports, Come More Injuries.

When kids are involved in sports, it usually means parents are as well—taxing them to practice, cheering at games, helping plan booster club events, the list goes on. Our last page columnist, Lisa Robinson, explores the bittersweet feelings of watching her youngest child play her last season of basketball before graduating, and of realizing she’ll no longer be a “basketball mom.”

It’s not just about the wide world of sports this issue, however. Our B’More Healthy column this month comes from a Mercy Medical Center OB/GYN giving tips and plans for later-life pregnancies. The number of women having babies later in life is trending upwards and Dr. Robert Atlas lays out the risks and rewards.

We also found some great new spaces for kids—a place they can hang out that’s not home or school—in “For a Real After School Special, Check Out These Programs.” From a new family-oriented coffee shop from the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance to Missionfit Baltimore, a nonprofit gym for at-risk youth, these are places kids can go to both be productive and be safe.

This is just some of what Baltimore’s Child has to offer this month. As always, along with the articles, check out our updated family calendar and directories—especially the new sports directory.

B’More Social April 29-May 1

By Hannah Monicken


Happy almost May Day! From sports to bluegrass to somewhere over the rainbow, the best events this weekend have a little bit of everything.


This season has been a pretty solid start for our intrepid Orioles. Friday is the second in their series of games against the Chicago White Sox. Camden Yards is iconic and going to a baseball game is about as American as it gets. Break out those [... whole story]

Spotlight on Camps

With More Sports, Come More Injuries

Second in a series on the relationship between young athletes, health and injury.


By Hannah Johnson


Kathryn Krueger makes no bones about it: Soccer was her life—until, in a flash, it wasn’t.

She was a freshman on the Franklin High School varsity team, playing a tough opponent. She leapt into the air, aiming her forehead at the ball—just as an opposing player did the same. In the air, they knocked knees and, as she hit the ground, she heard the sound no athlete ever wants to hear—the crack of something gone excruciatingly wrong.[... whole story]

Making Money Matter to Kids

Teaching financial literacy early makes for good money habits later

By Hannah Johnson


It’s never too early to teach kids about financial matters. Sure, children aren’t going to understand the ins and outs of a Roth IRA, but small things like opening a savings account with them—even if their total balance is only enough to buy a couple of candy bars—and taking them to the bank while running errands can help foster healthy money habits later in life.

Considering the overwhelming amount of student debt—more than $1 trillion, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—and the fact that more than a third of American adults didn’t have anything saved for retirement in 2014, according to a Bankrate poll, developing a healthy relationship with money as a child will be beneficial for the rest of his life.

“Research shows the sooner you get to children, and teach them about money and money management, the better for later in life,” said Lourdes Montes-Greenan, vice president, community development banking at PNC Bank in Baltimore.[...whole story]

Masters of Invention

How the ambitious Ingenuity Project is elevating the Baltimore City public school option

Got math? How about science, technology and engineering? The Ingenuity Project—a free-to-students program that’s integrated into four Baltimore City public schools—offers megadoses of STEM classes to advanced learners in math and science. With several new initiatives underway, the program is evolving to engage students in even more meaningful ways.[...whole story]

2016 Camp and Summer Programs Directory

Compiled by Joyce Heid

Below is a listing of scores of area programs that are looking forward to keeping your children happily engaged and occupied during the summer of 2016. We’ve made this listing as comprehensive as possible, but space does not permit us to include every program in the area. To find some of the programs we couldn’t fit into these pages, you can check out our online Camp and Summer Programs Directory, on our website, at www.BaltimoresChild.com. And remember that your local recreation and parks program, neighborhood groups, and religious organizations may be offering programs this summer as well.

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Why Preschool Children Need STEM and Spatial Reasoning

By Elizabeth Andrews, Head of Garrison Forest Preschool


You don’t have to look very hard to find young children using the spatial reasoning, logic and problem solving skills that are critical to careers in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Children use these skills naturally as they build with blocks, run cars down a ramp, complete a puzzle and even figure out how to get from one end of a play structure to the other. The curiosity that lends itself to thousands of questions, the intentionality that screams, “I’ll do it myself!” and a fascination with putting things together and taking them apart (often over and over) are the foundation of scientific thought and process. [...whole story]


Product Reviews and New Stuff

We get all kinds of stuff sent to Baltimore’s Child, stuff for children, stuff for parents, stuff for parents to use with their children, stuff to watch, stuff to read, stuff we thought we would never use...you get the picture. We’ll share our impressions and be adding new items to “Stuff” just about every week. New - Mobo Rockabilly Tot Take a look!

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