October 2015

It's Fall

Looking for a private, parochial, charter, or special needs school? You've come to the right place! Our October issue features our annual Private, Parochial, and Charter School Directory, along with our annual Special Needs School Directory—a great way to introduce you to what's available in the Baltimore area. You know, the great thing about schools is—

Boo! Did we scare you? No? Hm, guess that doesn't work as well when you write it down... Aaaaanyway, our October issue also has our annual Fall Festivals and Halloween Happenings listing, with lots of ways to make the most of autumn’s bounty all over the Baltimore area.

We've got articles from all your favorite local parenting columnists in our October issue, too, of course, as well as our monthly calendar of regular (i.e., non-Halloweeny) family-friendly events. So, grab a piece of candy from the stash that's supposed to be for the children on Halloween (come on, we've all done it) and check out our October iss— Boo! Did it work that time? No? Rats.

Fall Festivals and Halloween Happenings

Crisp air, stunning foliage, spooky decorations, creative costumes—whatever you like best about the season, here are lots of ways to make the most of autumn’s bounty in the Baltimore area. Just beware of disappointing your trick-or-treaters: take the time to verify the events listed! Read more.


Product Reviews and New Stuff

We get all kinds of stuff sent to Baltimore’s Child, stuff for children, stuff for parents, stuff for parents to use with their children, stuff to watch, stuff to read, stuff we thought we would never use...you get the picture. We’ll share our impressions and be adding new items to “Stuff” just about every week. New - Ninja Control Leonardo. Take a look!

Great Get-A-Way

Getting Away From the Kids - Acting like Kids!

The combination of a trip to Universal Studios Orlando and a Royal Caribbean Cruise make a perfect getaway for girlfriends. Leave the kids behind and play! Read more.

Play Safe!

Infographic Guide to Safe Playgrounds

Planning to build a play area in your yard or wondering if the playground you take the kids to is safe? Download this infographic that can guide you in building your own play space or evaluating the safety of the ones your family visits. The infographic comes courtesy of Pish Posh Baby and RubberMulch.com.

More Talk - Less Tech!

Don't Let Technology Invade Quality Time with Your Kids

School's out and that means lots of unstructured time for kids. If your child's first instinct is to turn to a screen when boredom hits, you may find that healthy parent-child communication goes by the wayside. Take a look at this info graphic from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for ways to foster quality talk time.

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