May 2016

Nearly everyone loves a good party. Throwing that good party, however, is not always easy, especially when expectations, can be high. Thankfully, this month’s Baltimore's Child has a handy guide to throwing not only a good party, but the right party. Our party package includes tips for staying on budget, suggestions for destination birthdays and ideas for the perfect gift, among other important advice from a local party planner.

And if your party doesn't turn out quite as planned, don’t think of it as a failure, but a great future story for your child to look back on fondly. When we asked some notable Baltimoreans about their most memorable birthday party, the answers revealed that it really is the thought that counts—even where something went wrong, it was always done out of love.

Where there is a party there is inevitably plenty of sugar. Though common wisdom would tell you that all that sugar will have your kids bouncing off the walls, it turns out that conclusion may be a bit hasty—at least, the science doesn’t back it up, as we see in "Don't blame it on sugar".

May is also the month of Mother's Day. Our "Last But Not Least" columnist explores what motherhood means to her and what it means to become a mother. And be sure to check out calendar for some great ideas for Mother's Day plans, along with the rest of the month!

Seeing Clearly

Local organizations join forces to provide vision care for Baltimore kids.

Byline: By Kimberly Uslin

There are few things more important to a child's education than sight. Whether it's the capacity to see the board, textbooks or simply a friend's facial expressions, it’s practically impossible to learn when everything is blurry. And while this may seem self-evident, for many children in Baltimore, clear sight is an unattainable luxury due to the high costs of optometrist appointments and eyeglasses.[whole story]

Tale as Old as Time

‘Beauty and the Beast’ comes to the Hippodrome.

By Hannah Monicken

If you’re looking to treat the family this week, how about a night at the theater? The beloved Disney movie-turned-Broadway-musical “Beauty and the Beast” will be playing at the Hippodrome through Sunday.

With all your favorite songs—“Be Our Guest,” in particular, is a rousing crowd-pleaser—and several new ones, the show is two hours of Disney magic brought to life on stage by a talented cast and an impressively versatile set design. And if the actors oversell it on occasion by several notches (looking at you, Gaston and LeFou), well, you’ll indulge it because the kids around you will be having such a great time.

If the trio of young girls sitting...[whole story]

Spotlight on Camps

2016 Camp and Summer Programs Directory

Compiled by Joyce Heid

Below is a listing of scores of area programs that are looking forward to keeping your children happily engaged and occupied during the summer of 2016. We’ve made this listing as comprehensive as possible, but space does not permit us to include every program in the area. To find some of the programs we couldn’t fit into these pages, you can check out our online Camp and Summer Programs Directory, on our website, at And remember that your local recreation and parks program, neighborhood groups, and religious organizations may be offering programs this summer as well.

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Discover Garrison Forest at their Sneak Peek May 25

Garrison Forest School is hosting a “Sneak Peek” for families interested in learning more about Garrison Forest’s all-girls’ program from Kindergarten through 12th Grade and coed Preschool (Twos through Pre-Kindergarten).

  • Come and meet Head of School Dr. Kim Roberts and the heads of each division (Preschool, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School).
  • Take a tour of the school’s 110-acre wooded campus.
  • Learn about Garrison Forest’s partnership with Johns Hopkins through GFS’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program, now in its 11th year, and other innovative STEAM programs.
  • Discover how Garrison Forest’s international, national and regional boarding program for girls, 8th-12th Grade, infuses the day program to create a vibrant global community.

Coffee and refreshments will be served.

For details and registration, visit

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Spring Break at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

During spring break, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I have to admit I had not visited the park since the 1970's, so I was wondering how my childhood memories would compare to the park of today and what my own children would think.

Busch Gardens opened in[whole story]

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Why Preschool Children Need STEM and Spatial Reasoning

By Elizabeth Andrews, Head of Garrison Forest Preschool


You don’t have to look very hard to find young children using the spatial reasoning, logic and problem solving skills that are critical to careers in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Children use these skills naturally as they build with blocks, run cars down a ramp, complete a puzzle and even figure out how to get from one end of a play structure to the other. The curiosity that lends itself to thousands of questions, the intentionality that screams, “I’ll do it myself!” and a fascination with putting things together and taking them apart (often over and over) are the foundation of scientific thought and process. [...whole story]


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