Before- and After-School Child Care Directory

Compiled by Sharon Keech, Janice Hands, and Vivian Schafer

In an ideal world, your child’s school schedule and your work schedule would be in sync. Unfortunately, for most of us in the real world, that isn’t the case. It may be only for an hour or so in the morning and a few hours after school that you need child care, but it’s crucial that your child be safe and happy during those hours.
That’s why we at Baltimore’s Child put together this directory of before- and after-school child care programs—for parents who are trying to find good solutions to the problems that arise when their child’s school day is shorter than their working hours.
We’ve included the basic information and also whether or not the program accommodates students in half-day preK or kindergarten. For those programs that provide transportation/escorts, we’ve noted the schools they serve (when these have been provided). Also, we have included those times in addition to before and after school when the program operates, such as on snow days and scheduled school holidays, and we’ve noted if the program operates during the summer.
Keep in mind that state child care regulations require that before- and after-school care programs be licensed. If you have a question about a provider, give the State Child Care Administration Region Office in your provider’s area a call:
Anne Arundel: 410-514-7850
Baltimore City: 410-554-8300
Baltimore County: 410-583-6200
Carroll County: 410-751-5438
Cecil County: 410-272-5358
Harford County: 410-272-5358
Howard County: 410-750-8771

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