Starting a New Chapter

By Kay Wicker

“Charlotte’s Web,” “The Hardy Boys,” “Goosebumps—what was your first chapter book as a kid? This month, we reached out to the Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore to see what early chapter books young readers should consider adding to their lists.

First Chapter Books (ages 6-7)

Dory and the Real True Friend”

by Abby Hanlon

Despite her siblings’ warnings, Dory brings her imaginary friend to school and proves just how powerful the imagination can be—and quite possibly what a real friendship looks like—in book two of the “Dory Fantasmagory” series: “Dory and the Real True Friend” (Dial Books) [... whole story]

It’s Your Party

How to plan a party without crying

By Kay Wicker


Children’s parties, for better or worse, have become extravaganzas rivaling weddings—in both production and sometimes price. With tools like Pinterest at our fingertips, parties can now be so much more than cake and ice cream around the kitchen table [... whole story]

Memory Lane

Notable Baltimoreans recall their most memorable birthday parties

Baltimore Police Commissioner
Kevin Davis

“It wasn’t my party, but it was 1979 and I was 10-years-old. My grandfather was exactly 50 years older than me—he was born in 1919 [... whole story]

Clown School

Local performers live double lives as children’s entertainers

In the age of iPad games, YouTube and HBO’s Sesame Street, kids are not always an easy sell on seemingly conventional live entertainment. But the best entertainers can bring wonder, music and even knowledge to their young audiences [... whole story]

Gifts for Kids

By Hannah Monicken and Kay Wicker

Ask kids what they want as gifts, and they’re usually not at all hesitant to tell you. But if those items are a tad unrealistic—most people can’t afford a pony—or you’re buying this gift at the last minute, here are a few ideas for different types of kids to get you thinking [... whole story]


Happy Birthday

Each month, we’re celebrating a birthday of literary significance.

There’s no place like home—and, since its publication, there hasn’t been anywhere quite like Oz either [... whole story]

2016 Party Directory

Compiled by Joyce Heid

Balloon sculptures, animal encounters, clowns, hayrides, magic shows, trains, ponies, martial arts, swimming, princesses, superheroes, pirates—you’ll find a little bit of everything here in the Baltimore’s Child 2016 Party Guide. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation, or sweet sixteen, we are pleased to present one of the largest resources for party entertainment, venues and services in the Baltimore metropolitan area, certain to serve you well in ensuring your child’s day is special [... whole story]

Savvy Baby

By Betsy Boyd

I'll forget shopping for myself for a few months. Cute kids' clothes are this toddler mom's latest addiction [... whole story]

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Spring Break at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

During spring break, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I have to admit I had not visited the park since the 1970's, so I was wondering how my childhood memories would compare to the park of today and what my own children would think [... whole story]

Tale as Old as Time

‘Beauty and the Beast’ comes to the Hippodrome.

By Hannah Monicken

If you’re looking to treat the family this week, how about a night at the theater? The beloved Disney movie-turned-Broadway-musical “Beauty and the Beast” will be playing at the Hippodrome through Sunday.

With all your favorite songs—“Be Our Guest,” in particular, is a rousing crowd-pleaser—and several new ones, the show is two hours of Disney magic brought to life on stage by a talented cast and an impressively versatile set design [... whole story]

Seeing Clearly

Local organizations join forces to provide vision care for Baltimore kids.

Byline: By Kimberly Uslin

There are few things more important to a child's education than sight. Whether it's the capacity to see the board, textbooks or simply a friend's facial expressions, it’s practically impossible to learn when everything is blurry [... whole story]

Cosplaying Around

Balticon brings the fun for kids of all ages.

By Kimberly Uslin

Be honest: Even though your eight-year-old may be drawing stares at Safeway, sometimes you wish you could wear an alien costume in public, too—so why not spend Memorial Day weekend soaking up all things science fiction? Don your alternate reality finest and head to the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel starting Friday for Balticon!

The annual convention is celebrating its 50th year, and that means pulling out all the stops: "Game of Thrones" creator and author George R [... whole story]

Happy birthday, Arthur!

Today marks the birthday of our favorite public television aardvark

By Hannah Monicken

Debuting in the mid-90s, the “Arthur” cartoon on PBS has been a children’s favorite for two decades. And today, that delightful character celebrates his May 25 birthday [... whole story]

B’More Social

There’s no shortage of ways to bring in Memorial Day weekend.

By Hannah Monicken

It’s Memorial Day weekend! If you’re not already headed out on a much-deserved vacation, revel in the (finally!) nice weather and consider these great options for your local stay-cation.


The sun is shining and the rain has receded (for now), so enjoy it while you can! This Friday marks the first concert of the 13th season of [... whole story]

Take a Ride Through the Looking Glass

The sequel may not live up to its source material, but you’ll have a good time.

By Joyce Heid

It’s been six years since Tim Burton’s live-action interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic “Alice in Wonderland” and now Alice, the Mad Hatter, and all of their friends have returned for the sequel, “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” At the helm of Alice’s second trip to Underland is director James Bobin, best known in the Disney realm for the two most recent Muppet films [... whole story]


Editor’s Note - May 2016

By Hannah Monicken

Digitize Me Cap’n!

If you’re a regular reader of Baltimore’s Child, you may have noticed a few changes over the past several months. We’ve changed editors, beefed up our content and, for the internet-savvy among you, joined the 21st century as regular contributors to social media [... whole story]

Family Matters - May 2016

By Molly Brown Koch

Time for Some Hearing Aids

On his website, The Natural Child Project, psychologist Richard Grossman presents the following imperative to raising healthy children:

“One of the most important psychological factors in raising a family is giving children ‘voice.’ What is ‘voice’? It is the sense of agency that resides in all of us, that makes us confident that we will be heard, and we will have impact on our environment [... whole story]

B'More Healthy - May 2016

Don’t Blame It on the Sugar

By Suzanne Pollak


Whether a birthday party is held at home, Chuck E. Cheese’s or a children’s gym, there will no doubt be a table full of delicious cake, ice cream, soda and candy [... whole story]

Last But Not Least - May 2016

By Lisa Robinson

On Being a Mother, Warts and All

With this being the month of Mother’s Day, I’ve been reflecting on my own journey of motherhood. I loved both my daughters from the start as they grew inside me learning, bonding and taking on features that would resemble me [... whole story]

Your Special Child - May 2016

More Places Becoming Adaptive Spaces

By Hannah Monicken

Kids are, by nature, active and curious about the world. But, sometimes, kids with special needs require a little help in being their curious selves [... whole story]