Show Them the Money!

Talking to Your Kids about Finances

By Kit Waskom Pollard

For Stas Kaminski, playing the stock market is a blast. The research, the watching, the buying and selling—he loves it all. But Stas is no wolf of Wall Street. He’s a sixth-grader. [... whole story]


Your Special Child - September 2015

Advocates Are Team Players

By Amy Landsman

In a perfect world, families and public schools in Maryland would work in total harmony to find the best strategies and support services for every student with a special need. In the real world, however, schools don't always adequately provide the services outlined in their students' Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)—and when families push to obtain these needed services for their kids, sometimes these schools may even push back. [... whole story]

Tech Talk - September 2015

How Social Media Can Shape a Girl’s Body Image

By Carolyn Jabs

Raising a daughter who’s happy in her own skin isn’t easy. For years, parents have worried about the unrealistic way women are depicted in media, advertising, pop culture, and even video games [... whole story]

B'More Healthy - September 2015

It's Gotta Be the Shoes

By Joyce Heid

Dress codes may vary from school to school, but no matter what the style requirements (or restrictions) are at your child's school, you'll want to make sure his or her shoes get straight A's in comfort, fit, and support. [... whole story]

Game On! - September 2015

The Buzz of Victory, the Sting of Defeat

By Patrick Gutierrez

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be writing this column today if it weren’t for my participation in the 1982 Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School Spelling Bee in Indio, Calif [... whole story]

Family Matters - September 2015

Little Kids Lost in Cyberspace

By Molly Brown Koch

My husband and I were seated comfortably in the half-empty restaurant, which we'd purposefully come to early in the evening to avoid the inevitable noisy crowd that frequents the place. The quiet was suddenly blasted away, however, by the shrill voice of a little boy that seemed to penetrate the very marrow of my bones. Standing at the door, he urgently shrieked his announcement that he had to go to the bathroom. The high ceiling and lack of diners transformed the room into an echo chamber, magnifying his voice to a fortissimo high C. [... whole story]

Last But Not Least - September 2015

The Joy of Being a Parent? Priceless. The Cost of Rearing Kids? Pricey.

These days, honestly, it makes sense to stick to having just one kid. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says middle-income American parents can expect to spend a total of $245,340 to raise a child born in 2013 (the latest year figures are available). [... whole story]