Your Special Child - October 2015

Parents Often Just Don't Understand Their Children's Challenging Behavior

By Amy Landsman

“He just couldn’t sit still,” recalls a mom in Lutherville, referring to her son when he was 3 years old. “I think it’s the impulsivity which worried me the most.” The little boy would get “so excited that he would get up and push: push me, push a friend,” adds his mom, who asked Baltimore's Child not to use her name for privacy reasons. “He would be watching TV, and if he didn’t want to watch what we were watching, he would throw something.”

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Educational Exchange - October 2015

Seeds of School Success: Nurturing the Parent-Teacher Relationship

By Ashley Talmadge

Kids are notoriously reticent when it comes to divulging details of their school lives. Questions from parents often receive a single-word response. Or a shrug. The first indication of any sort of school-related problem, therefore, might come via an unexpected note from the teacher.

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B'More Healthy - October 2015

After All, They're Only Sleeping (Or at Least They Should Be)

By Joyce Heid

The first day of next month will be a great day, for we will all get an extra hour of sleep when we “fall back”—that is, set back our clocks an hour, marking the end of daylight saving time for the year. And there's no doubt many of us could use a little more sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers insufficient sleep an important public health concern, reporting that 50 to 70 million adult Americans have a sleep or wakefulness disorder. Of course, we adults aren't the only ones who could use more shut-eye, as many of our young children and adolescents also experience sleep issues and may not get be getting enough rest each night.

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Game On! - October 2015

Take a Hike!

By Patrick Gutierrez

When I was growing up in Southern California, my dad routinely expressed a desire to one day retire to a place where he could enjoy the changing seasons. In 2007, he and my mom finally sold the house they’d lived in for more than 45 years and headed East to join those of us in the family who were already here. They settled in Leesburg, Va., literally around the block from my eldest brother, Max, and wasted no time in taking advantage of all the seasons had to offer.

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Let's Eat - October 2015

Play Café Is a Hampden Treat for All Ages

By Kit Waskom Pollard

Parking has gotten tougher in Hampden. Stroller parking, that is.

At Play Café Baltimore, a casual eatery that opened on Chestnut Avenue in early June, the designated “stroller parking” area is inside, just to the right of the entrance. On the left, stacks of high chairs and booster seats sit, ready for the taking. In the large open space at the back of the cafe, cars, blocks, and other brightly colored toys are scattered about. In case the name didn't give it away, this place is all about the kids—and their parents.

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Family Matters - October 2015

Laughing with Them, or at Them?

By Molly Brown Koch

Is there another sound as delightful as a baby’s laughter? The Internet is chock-full of videos of babies laughing their little heads off: some laughing until they cry, some laughing and crying at the same time. They're definitely fun to watch and listen to—but I’m concerned that some of the adults creating this laughter persist long after the poor little kid’s endurance runs out.

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Last But Not Least - October 2015

You Are Not My Mother...I Think

By Lisa Robinson

I thought I only had one mother and that I put her ashes to rest. Apparently, I was wrong. It seems I have two additional mothers: my two daughters.

My 16-year-old barged in to my room one evening while I was relaxing to tell me that I had let my garden go to seed. “I just spent 30 minutes outside weeding the garden you supposedly care so much about,” Grace scolded me. “The plants can’t grow, and snakes can hide in there. If you care about it, you should at least maintain it.”

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