2016 Camp and Summer Programs Directory

Compiled by Joyce Heid

Yes, it’s only February, but you can bet local camps and summer programs are already making their plans for summer 2016—and you should be, too!

Below is a listing of scores of area programs that are looking forward to keeping your children happily engaged and occupied during the summer of 2016. We’ve made this listing as comprehensive as possible, but space does not permit us to include every program in the area [... whole story]

Associate Publisher’s Note

Goodbyes, Hellos and Summer Camps


By Jeni Mann


Thirty-three years ago, the idea for Baltimore’s Child was conceived by a young Charles Village mother, Joanne Giza, who wanted to provide a quality parenting publication to mothers such as herself in the Baltimore area. As the magazine grew, so did her family [... whole story]

Celebrate Black History in Baltimore

Here’s what to see and do this important month.

By Kay Wicker

During February, Baltimore offers many opportunities to celebrate Black History. Museum exhibitions, special film screenings, plays and more are happening around the city [... whole story]


Family Matters - February 2016

How to Fix the Perfect Parent

By Molly Brown Koch


In a discussion I recently had with a prominent, highly respected clergyman about raising children, he said his position dictated that he “must be a role model for his children.” “So,” I said respectfully, “what exactly do you feel you must model for them?” Without hesitation, he replied, “How to do everything the right way [... whole story]

B'More Healthy - February 2016

It’s Time for You and Your Child to Get a Supplemental Education


By Suzanne Pollak

Not everyone has the willpower or dedication to jog, lift weights at the gym or turn down that enticing dessert. But any young person who thinks that swallowing a dietary supplement will get them the same results without any complications needs to think again [... whole story]

Your Special Child - February 2016

A Moving Experience With Feldenkrais


By Amy Landsman


“Please lie on your back, as comfortable as you can feel,” urges Aliza Stewart to a dozen or so adult students, all on mats on the floor. “So when you lie on the floor like that, you’re allowing yourself to be supported, each part of your body, by gravity [... whole story]

Let's Eat - February 2016

Kitchen Campers Confidential


By Kit Waskom Pollard


Kate Halushka had a really sweet summer last year. Literally [... whole story]